Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mark Nagata x Todd Robertson Custom Kaiju Negora Show

Through January 27, One Akiba is hosting a show featuring the customs of Mark Nagata and Todd Robertson. The Custom Kaiju Negora Show has already been extremely successful, with the majority of pieces already sold. But the figures are still there to check out in person.

In case you can't make it, here are pics I snapped today.
I'm surprised the Thor is the only one not yet sold. It's a beaut! Click here for more pics of these figures, which I snapped the other day.
Another glorious piece by Mark.Negora has gone henshin, turning into a remote controlled vehicle...

... driven by the mouse overlord!

 More after the jump:

Tons of minis on hand!

I quite like these mecha mice.

Series of three King Mecha Negoras by Todd. This is Stage 1.

Stage 2

Stage 3. Todd has perfected his mecha technique.
There were also a couple of other mecha figures by Todd
Mecha Daigomi!
This is the first in a two-step event. Next up is a contest featuring Negoras customized by fans. That should be very cool, given Negora's popularity and all the talented fans out there.

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