Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Kaiju Korner Doji San release info!

This collab is a long time in the works. We're very happy to be able to give you pics and ordering info for the MVH x KK Doji San!

We were thrilled to collaborate with Rich (LASH) on the release. Please note: Ordering will be through MVH. Here are the details:

Doji San "Watermelonhead" lottery info
- Cast in glorious glow vinyl
- Painted in metallic green, with hot pink, red and silver details.
- Comes with both cyclops and demon masks!
- Comes with full color Doji San inspired print by Kaiju Korner's Irene Fu!
For this release, Irene did a painting inspired by the Watermelon Head Doji San, with other MVH characters joining in on the fun. The print is based on a famous Japanese ghost legend, featuring Doji San on a classic "matsuri" (festival) float and surrounded by ghosts and MVH characters. The prints, which were made in Japan by a professional print house, measure 5x7" and were done on a heavy gloss stock. Each Doji San order will come with this print and a Kaiju Korner sticker.

Lottery Details :

- $85.00 plus shipping.
- Shipping within the USA will be a $10.00 flat fee from the East coast to the West sent Priority USPS mail.
- International shipping will be $ 35.00 Priority USPS ONLY

How to enter:
Lottery Begins: Friday 12:00 AM  2/1/2013 US Eastern Time
Lottery Ends: Friday  11:59 PM 2/1/213 US Eastern Time

All winners will be chosen and notified by MVH on Saturday.

Please send your entry to:
In the title please write: "WatermeLLonhead"

 In the body of the e-mail please include :

-If you're a Skullbrain member, your SB name
-If you're on Instagram, your Instagram name

!!But wait there's more!!
 >>>> There will be a chase version of the figure in MVH colors! Feeling lucky ?? <<<<

Unpainted Glow "Cherry Picker" Doji San Release info

In addition to the painted Doji San, Rich will also be selling an unpainted glow version!

The unpainted version will be sold through the MVH web shop >> HERE <<

It will sell for $75.00 and a lucky few will get a painted "Cherry Picker" version.

The unpainted version comes with both masks that feature red doll eyes. This release will also come with a black and white print based on Irene's illustration for the Doji San painting.
This illustration is black and white with the exception of red highlights, which Irene added to reflect the red doll eyes of the Cherry Picker release
The sale goes live on the MVH Big Cartel on Friday 2/1/2013 at 8:00 PM US Eastern Time sharp!

Good luck everyone!


krakit said...

I sent my email in.
Those watermelon colors ROCK!!!

andy b said...

Good luck!

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