Friday, July 6, 2012

SDCC indie toy preview

Over the last week we've seen a TON of info emerge about what's to come next week at SDCC. I've also received a bunch of e-mails about releases. No way to list everything, but here's a sampling of what's descending on San Diego in a few days:

Bob Conge (Plaseebo) - Dragatomi (booth 4935)

Peter Kato - Giant Robot booth 1729

Splurrt - Toy Tokyo booth #5336

More after the jump:
Splurrt x Shikaruna x KK - Backpack sales (I'll have KK stickers on my backpack):

Scott Wilkowski - DKE booth 4728

Fuei Shokai - DKE booth 4728

Gary Ham - booth 4836

Max Toy - Rotofugi booth 4736

Gargamel - Booth 4739

Grody Shogun - DKE booth 4728

Rampage Toys - Dragatomi booth 4935

Scott Tolleson booth #4836


Lamour Supreme:

Bwana Spoons:

Super7 - booth 4729

Paul Kaiju, Velocitron, Grody Shogun, Skinner, and more - 5&A Dime Friday night:

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