Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New clay figure from Miles Nielsen: Takoshi

Miles Nielsen of Munktiki is sure on a roll with his clay kaiju figures! The series, which Miles calls Yakimon, continues to expand and flesh out as the clay maestro sculpts, casts, glazes, and fires every piece by hand.

His newest figure is Takoshi, a character integral to the series' story line. First, here are more pics of the above figure:
Swappable heads!

Now Takoshi's story line:

He’s the villain in the story. Takoshi is the nickname that he was given by bullying classmates throughout his school years. His real name is Takeshi.  He was born with tentacle-like growths on his face, so the classmates called him Tako-shi.

The bullying and hatred fueled him later in life when he took on the moniker fully (new kanji translation meaning "octopus death") and using his gifted brain to wreak havoc on humanity. He created the Ikakumora and controls them as his minions.

After the jump. another beautiful paint application.

For more about Miles' work, click here to check out my review of Miles' Shishi. Or, click the Miles Nielsen tag on the left-hand side of the page.

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