Monday, July 23, 2012

Scott Wilkowski "Of All Ages" show at SDCC 2012

One of the most prominent displays at SDCC was a showcase at the DKE booth featuring resins by Scott Wilkowski. The Wisconsin-based sculptor has made a name for himself with his extremely intricate skeletons, which he houses within clear resin figures based on popular designer toys.

It's a pretty cool concept, but beyond that, it's extremely fine original work on the skeletons.

The releases at the show, entitled "Of All Ages," included Scott's take on David Horvath's Flatwoods Monster, Brandt Peters' Skelve, and so on. The figures were sold at various times during the con, though one of the releases was rescheduled for sale at a future date.

Here's a closer look at the display:

One of the cool things about the display was the inclusion of the skeletons on their own. This is where Scott's imaginative sculpting skills really shine.

Also on hand were a number of pieces which were sort of imagined fossils of dinosaurs and other creatures.
 More after the jump:

I love the bio-luminescent look of the clear resin. It's like you're peering through some psychedelic jurassic amber repository at a weird and wondrous creature entombed within.

I was glad to meet Scott at an off-con event in San Diego. We talked about his work and creative process. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of his future-past fossil creations!

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