Friday, July 27, 2012

New from Star Case (recent release and uncut sheets)

New images of the Star Case display case:
Recent Dester Commando. This is the third production release of this figure. Like the third Garumaya (the unpainted yellow version), the Commando was sold via pre-order and will be  made to order.

As with the "build it yourself" Garumaya, this figure comes disassembled.

But fear not! There are instructions in the box.

 More after the jump:
Some more nice figures in the case:

This custom, using Tamiya paints, was done by Katagiri-san (the Star Case owner).
 Now some uncut sheets:
Uncut sheets have always been part of the Star Wars collecting lore. This sheet and the ones beneath it aren't part of a secret stash or the findings from a Kenner dumpster dive. But it shows how much labor goes into each set. The sheets were printed using standard offset printing, and then cut and folded into the boxes.

Uncut page containing two instruction sheets.


ultrakaiju said...

Great shots Andy, so happy to see some full-size pics of these dudes. I am loving the new white, somehow the belt makes up for the lack of paint significantly. Wish I had been on the ball for this release.

Onion said...

This is excellent. Great photos. I love the bit about him using Tamiya paints instead of the assumed V-Color. Very nice!

andy b said...

Thanks guys - glad you like the pics and coverage. I always like wandering over to Star Case to check out the goodies in the display case.

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