Thursday, October 20, 2011

Secret Base x Pushead x Usugrow Rebel Captain release

The sofubi world has mashup fever, and I'm lovin' it! Last week at NYCC, Pushead released some gorgeous new mashups featuring his figures' heads on Usugrow Rebel Ink bodies. One of them was the Rebel Captain, which has a Skull Captain head + Rebel Ink body + print on the back. Today Tokyo stuck its chest out and released its own Skull Captain at Secret Base HQ in Harajuku.
The SB faithful on the stone cold floor of Wait Hall.
Today's Rebel Captain has a milky white/black marbled head + torso and black pants.
All the marbled heads + torso are slightly different.
A side by side shot showing another collector's figure.
The phone started ringing like crazy at around 12:15 as fans risked getting Redialer Thumb (a documented repetitive stress injury for toy fiends) by hitting that cruel little button over and over. The millisecond  the SB staff was finished with one call, the phone rang again. Wild!
NYCC Rebel Captain
More after the jump:

NYCC Rebel Captain back
 More store shots:

Cool new cushion

The cushion designer was there visiting the store. He's a tattoo artist and collects vintage toy skulls.

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