Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cherry Vinyl x Tara McPherson sofubi George prototype sculpt

Cherry Vinyl (a joint project between Lulubell and Pretty in Plastic) is starting to fire on all cylinders. This week at NYCC, they're releasing a new version of Femke's Le Chat sofubi figure as well as resin versions of Nathan Jurevicius's Akis and Tara McPherson's George the Vampire. (Click here for pics of all that.)

Tara's fans will be happy to know that George (which was sculpted by Julie B of Pretty in Plastic) is set to get the sofubi treatment. The prep work is being handled by Luke the Grodmeister in his Koenji Fort.

Here are pics of the final sculpt, used to make the copper molds from which the sofubi figures will be pulled.

I really like the sculpt on this figure. Great job Julie!

Very bold figure design with the leg lean.

Slot for a removable sofubi heart. So cool!

Really nice detail on the hands too, and again a bold design as they're in a cupped, "claws out" posture.

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