Saturday, October 8, 2011

Medicom x Ilu Ilu quadruple releases

Since Ilu Ilu's walk off smash at Super Festival 55, collectors have been waiting a long time for the sofubi rookie to step up to the plate again. And that he did today, loading the bases and crushing one into the upper deck of Medicom's flagship store, Project 1/6.  First point: Yes, I have been watching a lot of baseball. Second point: Project 1/6 only has one floor. Third Point: Shut up Andy and get on with the toys. Point taken.

It was another beautiful fall morning, but let's face it, when waiting outside for a store to open, one has to manufacture entertainment. The Philly Fanatic has been busy, but at least we bikes?
A guy on a cool green electric ride delivered some stuff to the building next door. That was pretty cool.
 But he left...
 Then a postal dude rolled up on a red bike. Up goes the ante!
But he left too. Didn't he know the Ilu Ilu's were about to drop???

Once the Real Delivery People of Shibuya rolled to credits, the shop doors opened.  Four Ilu Ilu x Medicom exclusives were released. There were green and red Tokio's (creating a microcosmic color balance with the delivery people) as well as two Neo Gorillas - red and pink - each of which came packaged with a missile + a separately packaged Drill Attacker toy.

We were only there a few minutes, but that was long enough to see the Neo Gorillas sell out in a flash.

More after the jump:
Close ups:

The Neo Gorillas were packaged with a small sheet of bubble wrap inside, to prevent the toy from scuffing the window, I guess.

And here's a shot without the bubble wrap. Check out the super cool vintage style Medicom sticker in the top right corner.

The back of the box. (The packaging is the same for both Neo Gorillas.)

Pink Neo Gorilla.
A number of shots of the incredibly detailed Drill Attacker box. Keep in mind, the box is only about 1.5 x 3/4 inches!


The red Neo Gorilla comes with a red Drill Attacker. (There's also a little red sticker on the bottom of the box.) Also, check out the strap across the inner box. Incredible attention to detail!

Here's the green Drill Attacker, which goes with the pink figure. (There's a little green sticker on the bottom of this box.)
 Some shots of the red Tokio:
Outer packaging.
Inner packaging.
Click here to read more about Ilu Ilu, from a post I wrote a few months ago.

There were a few other sofubi releases today at Project 1/6. I'll get to those, as well as other shots from the store, in my next post.

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