Friday, October 7, 2011

New Grody x Skinner x MVH mashup

Luke never found two sofubi parts he couldn't find a way to fit together. This one is an imperial doozy, combining parts from at least 4 different toys, and a lot more if you count the Monster arm variants. It's like one giant beating heart pumping life giving sofubi blood.
Let's break it down, because we are toy nerds and it is good:

Head: Skinner's Ultrus Bog
Torso: MVH's Ollie
Top arm (shoulder to elbow): Grody's Ensorcelled Man
Other arm parts: Grody Monsters (However, I'm not 100% sure about the top left hand.)
Inner body: I didn't have a look inside, but I think this might be the new Grody Skull (display sample seen at Super Festival 57), because of all the appendage slots.
Legs and feet: I'm going with Ensorcelled Man, after comparing these feet with the Super Festival 57 En Man.

So far, no name for this gargantuan lovely, but it's slotted to be sold at next week's NY Comic Con. Nobody does the Monster Mash like the Grodmeister.

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