Saturday, July 2, 2011

New from Real Head (7.2.2011)

Mori-san released a grip of new figures today:
Stunning combination of black base, base glitter, and applied glitter.

More in the family.
 More after the jump:

All that glitters IS Tanuki!

The whole group. One of the things I really like about this set is they aren't just blanket glitter applications. Most of the figures have parts that were masked off.  Check out the masked off footpads on the mini cat. Now that's attention to detail!

This Chaos Trooper was also released today.


crokittycats said...

Can I bribe you to pick up something for me next time you visit the store? I do have a proxy bidding company that usually helps me purchase from Yahoo Japan. They take care of the money transfers and shipping to US.
Unless you can convince Mori-san to add some of the awesome shirts and some of the tanuki to the store site. That would work too! >^-^<

andy b said...

Hi thanks for your comment!

I get a lot of help requests (nearly every week), but I'm afraid I'm not set up for that, since my time and energy goes into the reporting side of things.

Your best bet is to visit the Real Head USA site, which is set up for selling stuff directly to overseas collectors. I'm not sure if they're selling clothing or Tanuki, but it's worth checking out.

Here's their URL:



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