Saturday, July 9, 2011

New from Real Head (7.9.2011)

Releases from over the last week - it's been a busy time in Aoto!
Been a while since we've seen a Chaos Next. Hopefully there are more to come!

I think there was only one of these.
More after the jump:

Continuing the glitter lame line.

This and the one below were debut releases of this figure.


Anonymous said...

Those look stunning. Thanks for continuing to keep us update on new releases from Mori-san.

On the second picture of the chaos man with the big black globe eye. What is the characters name and who designed the head? Was it Mori-san or a collaboration with someone else? Is that the first release of that character? I have seen that head before.

Anonymous said...

Sorry correction on my last sentence. It should be: "I have NEVER seen that head before."

andy b said...

That's the CY'OS head designed by Don of Fig-X. Here's his site:

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