Friday, June 1, 2012

Visit to a traditional Japanese toy factory

Recently I had a chance to visit a traditional sofubi toy factory. I filmed the toy making process all the way through, from the first step (vinyl pouring) to the last (vinyl pulling).

After the visit, I talked with a couple of toy makers to ask a few technical questions and clarify some things, and I added those notes to the film. Here's the finished video (best viewed in full screen to see all the details + text):

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snakepunchesfox said...

Andy, great post! Thanks again for providing the fantastic behind the scenes looks at the various Sofubi processes.
Is this the main production factory for the Fort?
Any plans to visit a copper plating/mold making factory?

Keep up the excellent work!

andy b said...

Thanks! Not sure how much stuff the Fort gang has made here. Man, it would be really cool to visit a mold factory. Well, step by step. :O)

Onion said...

Toluene in the heating bath, no? EXTREMELY dangerous stuff. It's a bit jarring to see them working so brazenly with it but I suppose they're the experts and know what they're doing :D

Thanks andy!

andy b said...

That rings a bell - something like that, I think. There was certainly a strong smell. But you hit the nail on the head - these guys have been making toys a long time!

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