Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Rockin Jelly Bean Mug + Taiwan Signing Appearance

A couple of years ago, Rockin Jelly Bean rocked the Taiwan Toy Festival with an awesome booth, prints, and signing session. It's nice to know he's carrying on fostering those Taiwan connections with new licensing collabs and another visit to Taiwan.

Monster Taipei is selling a new mug featuring an RJB design. The mugs are made in Yingge, one of Asia's most renown pottery centers. (Makes a really nice day trip from Taipei.)

The mugs, retailing at 450 NT, first went on sale at Monster Taipei, and I believe the distribution is set to expand to other outlets throughout Taiwan.

They come in a nice sturdy box:
 Detailed looks:
 More after the jump:

From their website, Liro seems to be a licensing/branding agency.
RJB has also released a headphone cord holder, which can also be bought at Monster Taipei:

Finally, RJB will be in Taiwan on June 7 for an autograph session (from 6:30-7:30 PM) here.

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