Thursday, June 21, 2012

KK Reviews: Splurrt's HiYa

Over the last year, as so many amazing indy toys have been made not only sofubi, but also in resin, clay, and other mediums (shazbot!), I've also been expanding the bounds of what we cover and explore on KK.

Today I'm really excited to shine a spotlight on HiYa, a resin figure by Splurrt that is fantastically well made and executed. From the sculpt to the balance to the articulation, this figure just plain rockin on all cylinders.

I did something different with this shoot, taking multiple angle shots of HiYa using two different natural materials as backdrops. I thought that might make for an interesting look at the figure in different settings.

First, wood:
The balance on this figure is simply outstanding. From the top weight and asymmetrical design, you might think it would be a diver, but let me tell you HiYa is just plain SOLID. You set him down, and he's not like "Eh, I don't know....." He's more like "Boom. Done. Next!" Joe proves himself to be not just a talented designer and sculptor, but an accomplished craftsman.

 More after the jump:

 Now stone:

 Let's check out the articulation now, which is one of my favorite things about the figure.
The arms pop right in and have decent articulation and poseability.

The Pee Wee two-step. Step 1.

Da da da da da da da daaaa.....Step 2. Repeat.
And some shots of HiYa visiting the shrine:

You get the sense HiYa is just a laid back dude who likes to hang out. He gets along with all the other toys - resin, sofubi, whatever....he's no mediumist.
 Finally some close up shots.
From HiYa, Diggler, and Splurrt's other figures, you can tell Joe is really into cool textures.

Another of my favorite things about HiYa - the super pronounced mouth that's so gaping you can see clear through it from one side to another!
So long!
I hope you enjoyed this look at HiYa. You can see shots of other versions of the figure on Joe's HiYa flickr page. Make sure to check out all of Splurrt's other toys on his website.

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