Monday, April 30, 2012

Super Festival 59 / スーパーフェスティバル59

Lots to see from Super Festival 59!

Morning outside sales
There were more than 160 people waiting outside for the morning sales. We all remarked there hasn't been anything like it in years.

And this seems to be what many were after.

250 pics after the jump:

Indoor Sales
Atelier G1:

 Bara Pro

I love these rotating display platforms.



The CCP booth was hugely popular.

Chima Group:

Creative Design:

Dynamic Koguma:

Remote controlled with light up eyes. These guys always bring something fun and funky!

Fewture Models:

Fig Lab:
In celebration of Fig Lab's 5th anniversary.

Upcoming Fig Lab exclusive MVH Sludge Demon DX

Upcoming Fig Lab Cannibal Fuckface

New sculpt


Ilanena-san set up his toys on a sushi bar style conveyor belt. Oishikata!

 Jet Some:

 Kaiju Ken:

Coming soon

Another figure scheduled to be released soon.
Kenth Toy Works:
New arrival on the scene. Very nice resin figures with cool packaging.Click here to go to their blog.

 Kewelly Town + Spooky Parade:


I gave Morry a Chinese finger trap. First time he had seen one.




From what I heard, these Butanohana UltraQ micros sold out very fast in the morning.

The blue micro Butas were sold in the afternoon.

Shane (Hints n Spieces) tries his hand.

I believe this is the full set.

10 illustrations on the insert paper, but everyone was saying only 7 blue figures were made.

2 of the pink Ultra Q Buta micros
Popsoda + Debris Japan + Nerd One + Shamrock:
RESTORE'S amazing new figure: Kingdom Mind. Scheuled for May5 release through Popsoda.

Articulated jaw and eyeballs!

Fantastic resin accessories.

New Popsoda designed head + Real Head mini body.

Nerd One brought some gorgeous figures.

Stereogon with removable masks..

Lamour Supreme's new figure, sold by Shamrock.

 Rampage Toys:

These aren't one-offs. They're regular releases. (I think they were for display only at SF.)

 Sunguts + Pico Pico:

Toys and Collectibles:

 US Toys:


 Velocitron and Grody Shogun:

Ricky's new sculpt is set to be released very soon.

Yamomark + Buster Call:

Beetlar returns!!!

Buster Call x Amapro (sold as a set for 10,000 yen)

Devilman Exhibit:

Ultraman Ace exhibit:


Dealer Tables:
Impressive range of dealer tables this SF, with some amazing deals.


ultrakaiju said...

Thanks for all the photos Andy, Excellent coverage as always, and those of us who couldn't make it, really appreciate it.

Bob Conge said...

Thanks for the tour Andy.

Onion said...

AWESOME coverage andy!

Thanks for all the great pics. Hope you had time in between snaps to enjoy yourself out there (T_T)

snakepunchesfox said...

Super post!

Thanks for bringing all of these great pictures to my eyes!

Can't wait for DF and everything in between!

boo velvet said...

WOW! & not a blurry pic in the bunch. You're a dedicated man, Andy, & we're all the more appreciative because of it, indeed :)

Bee said...

Besides thanking you for the awesome coverage, I can't but add how this makes KK the best sofubi blog out there!! Keep in up, really appreciate it :)

andy b said...

Thanks for the positive feedback. :)

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