Thursday, April 26, 2012

KK Reviews: Altar Beast

Alter Beast is a figure in a fast-growing lineup of sofubi toys produced by Monster Worship, a US outfit that puts out toys, art, and apparel from artists including David Horvath, Jeff Lamm, Velocitron, Galaxy People, Mark Rudolph, and beaK.

Alter Beast is the Monster Worship mascot now realized in vinyl! The two-piece sofubi figure was sculpted by Monster5 and made in Japan through sofubi maker extraordinaire Ricky Wilson.

Monster Worship sent the figure over for us to check out, so I brought AB to my favorite shooting gallery. First up, the figure from all sides:

The two-piece figure stands at about 5" in the classic bonzai pose. It's articulated at the waist.

This is the first full-color version of the figure. It's currently (but no telling how long it will last) available in the MW online shop here.
 More after the jump:

 Close up shots:

This gives a good look at the nice face sculpt.

And here you can see the sculpted fur in detail.
 Altar Beast on the loose!
Lord of the lot.

Everyone's doing the bonzai!

Altar Beast makes an altar of the stony ledge and looks down at masses below.
Altar Beast is a great example of the new nexus of indy toy making that originates in literally any part of the planet and goes through the boys at the Fort to be made into sofubi. These are exciting times in the indy toy world. Kudos to Monster Worship for being a bold player in the movement. Ganbatte!

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