Friday, April 6, 2012

Diggler & Doji-san tour the South: Memphis

We had a blast with the sofubi swingers in Memphis.

First off, an NBA game: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Golden State Warriors.
....from New York, weighing in at 5+ ounces, the one, the only - Diggler!

Starting at power forward, the masked wonder - the Maven from New Haven - Doji-san!
More after the jump:

The Hunger

Pretty good game actually - the Grizznation was pleased with a victory by the local boys.
 Next up a round of mini golf!
Golf and Games is a fun old school amusement place. On Wednesdays they have ridiculous golf/arcade/food packages.
When in Memphis, you have to visit Graceland (which is actually more than the South's equivalent of a wildebeest migration of RVs and rocker pushers. It's really well maintained and a nice place to visit, though a bit heavy on the gift shops. How many hunka hunka Elvis chotchkies can one RV hold???)
Living room + piano

Elvis's office

Big sequined slacks to fill!


Yep - it's that pink cadillac.

All aboard Elvis's private plane!

Collectible comradery!
After Memphis, we headed to Nashville, driving through several massive thunderstorms. Now we're set to head out and get our honky tonk on. (Oh, behave!)

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