Saturday, April 28, 2012

Medicom Tiger Mask figures

At Project 1/6, the Medicom flagship store, there's a cool display of their Tiger Mask line, including the series 2 figures.
The two figures below are from the second series of Medicom releases, and they're on sale now (through May 31) for 6800 yen each here.
Miracle 3

Golden Mask
According to the Medicom site, the preorder ends, the figures are scheduled to ship in July. Unfortunately, no overseas orders.

More after the jump:
More closeups from the display:

Detailed info (looks like the same that's on the Medicom site)
You can even buy the wrestling ring for 9800 yen here. Medicom doesn't miss a beat!

1 comment:

ultrakaiju said...

These are so awesome, just the kind of thing I want to see. I still can't believe I couldn't order the TM. This licensing thing really needs to be sorted out.

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