Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clutter 15

Clutter 15, now on the stands, contains some fantastic articles about sofubi artists, including Jeff Lamm, L'Amour Supreme + MISHKA, LASH, Dead Presidents, and Leecifer, as well as articles on Lou Pimentel, Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez, The London Police, and Lana Crooks.

It also contains my 5 page article/interview with Itokin Park. A couple of shout outs to some fine folks who helped with the piece: Jeff Tofanelli for some amazing pics, Gordon Thrift for his fantastic translation of the interview, and of course Kazuhiko Ito (Itokin Park) for taking time from his busy schedule. Domo, guys!

Here, with Clutter's OK, are small sized pics of my article:

To check it out + the rest of the magazine - which is a bargain at $9.99! - head to Clutter. The printing + paper quality are outstanding. It's a really gorgeous publication.


Zinc said...

Awesome to the max! Congrats Andy! I was surprised to see that some pics were used. Sweetness!

andy b said...

Thanks Jeff. Your over the moon Mika pic rocks!!

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