Friday, August 12, 2011

Irene Fu Ultraman Custom

This is the newest custom by Kaiju Korner's Irene Fu. You might have seen her white base with blue line art set in Ilenana's 10th anniversary Dai Kaiju Card Monsters show. Click here for my post on that show. Her next custom was a mini Gargamel wind up. Click here to see that one.

This is her largest custom to date. This time she used a super fine brush to apply black pinstriping paint on a GID base Ultraman. (Click on each image to see the full size.)

A botanical virus is creeping over Ultraman, simultaneously tattooing him and enshrouding him in vines.He is being decorated and devoured.
Check out the organic clawed hand reaching over his helmet.
 Close ups after the jump:

 The vines are wrapping around his arms and legs.

 GID shot:
Stay tuned for more art from Irene, including a fine art print in an upcoming Kaiju Korner x Max Toy collaboration!


Anonymous said...

Just noticed this little gem by Irene! Applause.


andy b said...

Irene says "Really? Thanks!" ^_^

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