Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hanging out with Rampage Toys

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Jon Malmstedt, the man behind Rampage Toys. After years of building up his toy bona fides by making original resin figures, setting up booths at US toy shows, and particpating in custom shows, Jon recently moved to Japan from Seattle. Now that he's entered the sofubi slipstream, he's set to crank it up to Toy Factor 9....engage!

After wandering through the plastic mecca of Nakano Broadway, we sat down for some nama biru. We talked about Jon's resin work, line art, and upcoming sofubi figure: Ugly Unicorn. Here's a pic of the wax proto from his blog:

It's Jon's first sofubi figure and is set to reach the production stage soon, with releases planned for next month's Superfestival. Toy Factor 10, captain - engage! (Hey it's possible - Tom proved it in Voyager! Sorry...)

The header card will be based on this painting by Jon:

More after the jump:
Here's a sheet for button making. Nice!
A cool illustration of Ugly Unicorn from his sketchbook:
And some really nice gifts. Thanks Jon!
Ugly Unicorn vs. Cupcake Kaiju - Onto the wall ye go!
Cupcake frenzy!

Cupcake Buddha V 2.0 resin!

To check out more of Jon's figures, click here for his flickr page and here for his Big Cartel webstore.


Jon said...

Thanks Andy! Crazy day today - great coverage of the show! -jon

andy b said...

Right on Jon - great meeting you and seeing you at the Thrashout show. Nihon e Yokoso! :O)

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