Saturday, October 30, 2010

Max Toy x Medicom exclusives!

After walking around Harajuku today, striking out at Secret Base, and being very impressed by the Omote Sando Hills mall (architecturally stunning from the inside, though the store selection is a bit foo foo for my tastes), I slogged through the rain (typhoon's a coming...) and headed down to Shibuya.
One of the coolest toy shops in the area is Project 1/6, Medicom's flagship store which features all kinds of toys, collabs, and exclusives from one of Japan's best toy companies. Their quality is always consistently high, from Bearbricks to Kubricks to the 1/6 line. Pretty cool shop too, but I'll save those pics and write up for a future store visit blog.

I was really there today to check out the new Max Toy x Medicom exclusives. And they did not disappoint! Two figures are getting the exclusive treatment: Dragigas (7,500 yen) + Alien Argus (7,000 yen).

They won't be on sale until Nov 3, but the store has already put them out on display, along with Mark Nagata's original painting for the Dragigas header card!

The display case is nicely placed in the center of the store, so 100% of visitors see it when they walk in. Classy.
Side and back shots:
Closeups of Dragigus:
This is a really stand out paint job, with metallic blue, red, and gold colors + silver teeth and claws. A classic, clean look that does a great job bringing out the sculpt and character. I love the way the blue spray angles up the side of the figure's face + halfway up the ear.
Oh, and it comes with two extra heads!
Here's a closeup of Alien Argus:
To be honest, I'm holding out judgment on this fellow. It's an interesting design that fits in nicely with the Max + Xam alien kaiju theme, but it's also very symmetrical (three eyes on head + 3 suction cups (eyes?) on the left and right hands). Plus this paint job is very literal, with the chest ovals precisely filled in and the arms, legs, and head a very bold and direct green.

So, I think I'm going to come around to A.A., but it's going to take a few more looks/releases before the figure's character is revealed through the paint.

Anyway, it's great to see Medicom get more involved in the sofubi side of things. (I also spotted a Rangeas for sale in the store). Let's hope the trend continues!

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