Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mandarake Badzilla Release Day

Rolled up at Shibuya Mandarake at 10:30 for a shot at the Badzilla exclusive. When we got there, only two people were there, so we figured it would be no problem.
A sign next to the Badzilla poster explained how the figures would be sold. If there were as many people (or fewer) in line than there were toys, then everyone would get one. Otherwise, it would revert to lottery. So, it didn't *really* matter how early you got there, since the playing field was level. Fair enough.
As it neared 11:00, the lines really swelled. By "release time" (11:15), there were between 75-100 people there. So it went to lottery style. Actually, they had us literally choose straws (wooden ones), and there was a 1 in 3 chance that your straw would be a winner, and you could then buy a figure 8400 yen (including tax).

Struck out, so no figure here unfortunately. But it was handled fairly, so it's all good.

I was told there would be 30 for sale, and that sounds about right from the way the line moved and folks were allowed into the dragon's lair to buy a Badzilla. But later it seems they did indeed sell some online through lottery sales. So it's anyone's guess how many are out there.

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