Thursday, October 21, 2010

Harajuku Kiddyland has moved!

A few weeks ago, the venerable toy shop Kiddyland moved from its Prime A location in Harajuku. Even after the move, they had staff in front of the old place handing out flyers to let the faithful know where to head. Pretty classy move that.
The original Kiddlyand wasn't much to look at from the outside, but once you made it in, after rubbing elbows with dozens of locals and tourists, it was huge in terms of the amount they crammed into each floor.

The new place looks palatial from the street. It's a gleaming Shangri-la of toydom decked out in a feline motife. Wait, there's Elmo next to Kitty. Is he a cat? Who knows these things?

Kiddyland (should that be Kittyland?) is in a lane just around the corner from the old location, so it's easy enough to find. Personally, I like my toy shops in nooks, crannies, and alleys, not next door to Chanel outlets. So the move works for the shop, I think.

Though I'm not much of a KL customer, I have bought stuff there - got this talking pea thing for a gift. I think it's called Mameshiba. Seriously, what the Henson is Elmo.....

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