Friday, July 31, 2015

Varner Studios at SDCC 2015

Last year, I wrote in depth about Varner Studio's display at SDCC. Over the last couple of decades, the company has been responsible for sculpting many toys and is now at the forefront of digital sculpting. At this year's show, they once again had an excellent display. Here's a look at what they brought.
In their display cabinets, Varner had a mix of figures sculpted by hand and digitally, as well as figures at the final stage of development and production.

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Amazing array of head sculpts, which tend to be the part most people look at when evaluating a figure.

One of the things I liked about this year's display was the chance to see how figures turned out once they'd gone through the entire production process.

Seeing the final packaged figures was really nice as well, showing the final yard toys go through as they enter the retail space.

Kudos again to Varner for providing an excellent behind the scenes look at the toy making process.

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