Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cosplay at SDCC 2015

At this year's SDCC, there was some creative cosplay, especially with vehicles and oversized outfits. Steampunk was barely represented, and my sense in general was there weren't as many cosplayers as in years past. But those who made the trek were enthusiastic and friendly, and they wandered the Gaslamp district of the city along with the hall floor. Here's a look:

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This troupe was walking around outside, behind the convention center. They had a good old time beating each other with blunted weapons.

DOOM rules the media!

This impressive botplayer was 7-8 feet tall.

Alas this brave knight could not determine the origin of his swallow and was thus thrust across the con by an unseemly wind! (Speaking of unseemly winds. one might be advised to exhale slowly and walk quickly whilst passing the eating area.)

"Yeah, hi. I'm going to need to schedule your nightmare for 3:00 AM. They're doing a midnight Cowboy Bebop screening."

Super funky outfit. There was a screen in his mask, and you played a video game while looking into his eyes.

Gotta be a top 10 cosplayer here. She converted her motorized chair into a Star Wars vehicle.

A bunch of furry friends got in on the fun!

This mini Vader is about as tall a a Gentle Giant release. Well cossed sir!

So good!

This crew was promoting Sharknado 3.

Interesting note about this year's cosplaying. A number of folks, including this Bebop, had a handler who gave out cards or info about the cosplayer. Seems more people are either taking it pro or connecting their cosplaying to other ventures.

Another fantastic duo. Their outfits had lights, and they carried a little speaker that played Nintendo music. They even did a little Mario Bros dance.

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