Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vintage Boxed Astro Mu Mars Man

Astro Mu is one of those vintage lines that excites and confounds collectors. The legendary toys are important in the history of tokusatsu and other 70s toys, and homages continue to appear in modern indie toys. Finding them loose is difficult enough. One rarely sees them complete. Seeing a boxed example has become a once in a blue moon event. So when I saw one boxed and unused recently, I considered myself lucky. Fortunately I had my camera and was allowed to take detailed photos, which I thought would make a nice viewing and reference for fans and collectors.
The back of the box

The vinyl has turned from blue to green
 More after the jump:

Gloves, boots, mask, and accessories still attached to the card

Insert card showing the Astro Mu vehicle

Back of the card
The booklet has pages listing the standard-sized figures in the line.

There's also a mini comic strip in the same booklet.

Finally the set comes with a mini flexi disc (sonosheet). It's so small it probably only contains a couple of minutes of music. But it's still really cool and exciting to see this type of insert. In the 70s, sonosheets became popular in Japan and were sold (often with picture books or illustrated stories of different sizes) for TV, anime, manga, and sometimes even toy lines like Astro Mu.


Bee said...

Hi Andy, just in case you missed it I posted the AM5 vinyl on youtube a while ago: enjoy!! :)

andy b said...

Glorious! Thanks for sharing that.

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