Friday, November 14, 2014

Design Festa 40: Steampunk

In my report on the indie toys of Design Festa 40, I touched on the explosive growth of Steampunk in Japan. Besides people in full-on Steampunk outfits, there were a number of booths selling things like accessories, jewelry, and toys.

With full and upfront admission that I'm not an expert in the area (so apologies in advance if some of the images don't fit exactly in the genre), here's a look at more of the Steampunkery of DF40. (I've carried over a couple of the pics from the indie toy report.)
This company is called Lunago. Website:

They seem to combine steampunk with other design elements. Pretty cool.
 More after the jump:

Fortunately it was a cool day. Can;t imagine wearing this in summer.

Kamaty Moon:


Personally I was glad to see Steampunk emerge as a major trend at the show. My sense was it  replaced a lot of the gore/goth imagery that was strong a short while ago.

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