Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gundam 35th Anniversary 7-11 Promotion

For decades, Japanese convenience stores have been big players in the kidoverse. They've been the home of exclusive toys and packaging variants, countless shokugan releases for candy, chocolate, and other snacks and drinks, as well as seasonal and anniversary promotions.
7-11 has an ongoing Gundam 35th Anniversary promotion There are toys, a super cool spoon + bowl set, and other Gundammy goods.
From what I can gather, it's pretty straightforward. You take one of these tickets to the register, pay 620 yen, and randomly get one of the things on display, based on the letter you pull. At least that's the way they've handled these types of promotion before.

Here are some of the potential prizes:
 More after the jump:

Finally, there's this cool poster with a run down of Gundam's history.
I think it's great the way storied anime, tokusatsu, and manga lines continue to be enjoyed and celebrated over the years. Even when legendary lines like Kamen Rider and Ultraman move onto new series, they bring along the old ones, which pop up in TV shows, movies, or (many) live action appearances throughout Japan.

Personally, my favorite thing from the Gundam promotion is the POP with the big cardboard head. It's really well made and is surrounded by images of the potential prizes. Maybe I'll ask the store manager what he plans to do with it after the promotion ends...

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