Monday, September 29, 2014

Super Festival 66 - スーパーフェスティバル 66

Today's Super Festival saw quite a nice range of toys, including lots of familiar faces, new toy makers, and figures making their debut. Here's a rundown of the indie toy booths:


 Around 130 pics after the jump:


Comet Debris

Cool Props
These were based on actual movie props. They're huge!

Dream Rockets


New Street Fighter toys


Lots of super cool toy jewels in this latest batch of Elegab toys

Fewture Models

Galaxy People

Geek Market
New maker at SF. I believe their first show appearance was at the previous Wonder Festival.

Sofubi figure. All the figures here were one-offs.

Beautiful customs


Jetture and Handsome Tarom

So nice....

I really like this upcoming Ultraman. It's sofubi, but it's sculpted to look like the original suit actor from the TV show.
Kaiju Ken

Also making their SF debut with a new figure

Kenth Toy Works


These two were sold as a set.

Kto Kto

Another SF debut. His first show was the previous WF.

He makes the boxes himself. Very time consuming.
Markaro & Maon
Yet another debut toy maker.

Awesome strobe light sword!


First prize for the dart game.

More prizes.


New keshi gomu figures

Max Toy

Preview of figures for the next Design Festival
Nerd One
Pico Pico

Painted by HS, I believe.

Rampage Toys

Roughneck Toys

Spectacular new figure, beautifully painted. Easily one of my favorites from the show. Bravo!

Science Patrol
SP debuts at SF!
Secret Base

Grey Alien
Shamrock Arrow

New horror series, sold as a set.

Sorry this is all I could photograph. The figures were all one-offs sold in blind bags.

Undead Toys
Making their SF debut, they sold a mix of resin and sofubi toys


US Toys


X Plus


Folks buying an exclusive got a free original art sketch. Cool!

Kazumine Daiji - the artist - was even on hand. Very friendly and what a great smile!

So long, and thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the show!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Andy, always appreciated (no ig here, you are my #1 source). Im definitely digging that Elegab Hedogon!

boo velvet said...

Thanks, Andy! Such a Great way to end the month :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the always great coverage Andy!

maddie said...

Great coverage! Love to see all these new releases.

KbD said...

Awesome pics, as always. Just a quick question since its hard to tell scale from the photo - are the Marusan Pagos and Neronga in the 450 scale (~30 cm)? Thanks.

andy b said...

Not sure. If anyone knows, please post here.

CMR said...

Thanks for the coverage - looks like it was great. I didn't realize that there were two Super Festivals every year?

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