Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kamen Rider Big Picture Book 仮面ライダー大図鑑 (+ Ultraman + Super Sentai)

Sometimes the coolest things are the ones you spot by chance. Like the line from The Wire goes, you have to have "soft eyes" so you can spot what's out there. Well, technically, in the show a vet teacher was schooling the new cop turned teach about running a classroom....anyway I like the phrase.

On a random shelf scan, I spotted this excellent Kamen Rider book published by ポプラ社 -> Poplar. It's called the 仮面ライダー大図鑑 -> Kamen Rider Big Picture Book  The cover advertises it as an all-in-one guide to Kamen Rider, and from the pictures and content, it's hard to argue.
The book introduces the Kamen Riders + their villains, starting from 1-go.

Gorgeous photos of the heroes, villains, and bikes.
Stronger + baddies in Disco/Rocky/WWE/Come-hither poses.

 More after the jump:

Looks like some extended info about the Fourze Astro Switch. I hope I got that right - I'm no expert on the newer Riders.
Looks like a TV episode guide.
 There are other books in the series, including an Ultraman and Super Sentai guides.

In terms of availability, these are newer books, so ordering shouldn't be too tough  I ran a quick search, and the Kamen Rider book is available on Amazon Japan here for 1,944 yen.

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