Sunday, June 30, 2013

Medicom Toy Exhibition '13 - Sofubi

Medicom's latest exhibition at the Parco Museum (inside the Parco department store) in Tokyo is heavily geared towards showing current and upcoming releases and exclusives. That includes sofubi figures, Bearbricks, 12" RAH and other figures.

There are literally dozens of new sofubi releases in the works from all sorts of makers: Ilu Ilu, Target Earth, Max Toy, and many more, in addition to new tokusatsu releases from Tiger Mask, Kamen Rider, and even Aztekaiser!

Some of the figures shown looked like paint samples. Others were production pieces. And some were prototype sculpts still in development.

Here's a look at the sofubi on display:

 More after the jump:

Tiger Mask

Plenty of Kinnikuman on the docks

Prototype Kamen Rider sculpts

Kamen Rider + Kikaida

Triton of the Sea

Loads of Devilman releases

Mazinger Z

The new Max Toy Eyezon gets the purple paint treatment

The Outer Limits X Plus

Spectreman action

Powerful looking Jeeg

Renovatio Lab! First time I've seen this figure in sofubi.

Max Toy Monster Boogie

New Ilu Ilu Tokyo Supernova
Target Earth

Really nice looking Ilu Ilus


Really liking this two-head

L'amour Supreme

Kaiju Coup + Target Earth

Frenzy trio
Complete Kaiju Korner Medicom Exhibition coverage:

Sofubi - Click here
Be@rbricks - Click here
RAH, 12", and others - Click here


krakit said...

The purple new Max Toy Eyezon
looks great! I love how the
eyes are red with darkened
skin around them.

andy b said...

It's a fun new version of the figure! Lots of cool stuff previewed by Medicom at the event. :)

krakit said...

Yes, a lot of cool stuff --
like the huge GEEK! figure
with no neck and the two
headed ape/devil monster.

I was able to pick up a
solid pink version of the
new Eyezon and it Rocks!
Just like your blog -- Go Andy Go!
I look forward to seeing
things here I can't see
anywhere else.

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