Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Medicom Toy Exhibition '13 - Be@rbricks

Carrying on with our coverage of the 2013 Medicom Toy Exhibition, here's a look at the Be@rbricks on display. There were some impressive 100%, 400%, and 1000% figures, displays of upcoming releases, and a fascinating step-step-step look at the Be@rbrick production process.

 More after the jump:

I really like this series. Even after all these years and hundreds (maybe thousands) of different Be@rbricks, Medicom is still working with talented artists to come up with amazing designs for their iconic platform.

Next up is a really special behind the scenes process look at the Be@rbrick production process, from sketch to paint sample to final product. Even more impressive is actual photographs from the Be@rbrick factory!

 Finally here's a look at the show's exclusive figures:

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