Sunday, December 16, 2012

Second Annual Doki Doki Osaka Sofubi Show / ドキドキ大阪ソフビ万博

Today in Osaka, a couple of dozen indie toy makers sold their wares at a rental hall in the Namba district. A solid number of people showed up for the free show, and the makers had quite a nice selection of releases.

However, once the doors opened, it was pure chaos, and an every man for himself melee ensued in the tiny space. Everything was first come first served, and there was a lot of pushing and jostling for position in front of a few booths. As I was told, some people showed up the night before to sleep out in front, but they were turned away, only to show up this morning at 5:00 AM.
A shot of the hall after things calmed down.
I didn't get there nearly that early. Anyway, a few minutes after the doors opened, the dust settled and people gathered their bags (a few people had Santa sized hauls). But the chaos wasn't over, as at least one maker was staggering his releases, leading to more frantic lineups.

Anyway, by about an hour into the show, the majority of toy purchasers were gone, and the makers were hanging out chatting. Then I took off and went to Kobe for a wander.

Here are show pics, arranged alphabetically by maker:


 100+ pics after the jump:

debut show release

Buster Call
Prototype sculpt of an upcoming figure (release date not set yet). The toy is based on Okamoto Taro's "Tower of the Sun" (a gigantic statute on permanent display at he 1972 World Expo site in Osaka, which I highly recommend as a day trip from the city).


Comet Debris:

Dream Rockets:

A collector was very nice to let me shoot his set.

There were more Elegab figures than these, but the releases were chaotic and random, and once something sold out, it disappeared from the table with no samples left on display.

Grody Shogun:

These have windups that do a cool head shake like a lion dance,

Heads are Halloween remainders from a shop.

Nice fit

Max Toy:

Painted in Henshin Tigers (local baseball team) colors


pico Pico:

Frenzy releases (I think they're mostly customs by the Frenzy crew.)

New Frenzy characters

Nerd One corner

also by Nerd One

PP Pudding:

Rumble Monsters:

Shamrock Arrow:



Uky Daydreamer:
Always such a nice guy to talk to!

A collector told me this maker has only released figures at one other show - Super Festival 57.



New sofubi, and really reasonably priced @ 1000 yen each

 Gachapon machine:

 Rubber masks and a big rubber kaiju figure:

Happy holiday wishes from KK!


Tim said...

Yeah, that Hordak MOTUKO is insane!! We need more of those figures.
The mini Blobpus look fun too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the eyecandy Andy!!!


krakit said...

I agree with Tim about the
red & black MOTUKO. What
a great looking toy.

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