Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coming up for Clutter 18

The next issue of Clutter magazine (issue 18), is scheduled for release early in the new year. The issue will have my newest insider look at the world of indie toys. Actually, the purpose of the piece is to bring you, the collectors, into that world, and help you navigate your way through it.

The article will be a guide to Tokyo's biggest toy shows, with a rundown of their details, locations, general time frames, etc. as well as a textual and photographic buffet of what to expect at each show. It's a window into the Japanese toy world, which will provide a sense of what it's like to attend the shows while serving as a useful tool in planning a trip to Tokyo.

So that's an exciting bit of news. Back to the present, Clutter 17 just hit the stands a few weeks back, with my article on Velocitron (Ricky Wilson) - the go-to guy for getting sofubi toys made in Japan, as well as pieces on Paul Kaiju, Skinner, Circus Posterus, Frank Kozik, and more. Click here to get a copy. It's really affordable (just $9.99) and definitely worth it.

Now back to the's some breaking news for Clutter 19, which is a bit down the road. I just had a phone call with one of the coolest cats and hottest indie toy makers out there, and we're cooking up something very unique to bring you for that issue. I'm really stoked about the piece, and I'll have more details for you a bit down the line.

A few of us are working really hard to make great content that will, we hope, stand the test of time. I know people are used to getting a lot of content for free online, and that's cool. But there's still a place for in-depth, content rich, beautiful mags like Clutter. Trust me, each article and issue is a TON of work. Personally I do it for the love of the hobby and don't see anything from it if they sell 1 or 1,000 copies.

But I will tell you that indie toy mags need your support, and at the fraction of the price of a single sofubi figure, in beautiful glossy paper, each issue is a serious bargain. Anyway, that's the end of my pitch. I rarely come on here saying "this thing is really worth buying," but this time, well, I'm saying it, since it is. And we want them to keep putting out the mag and getting the word out about indie toys. And that means we need the support of sofubi heads everywhere. :O)

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