Sunday, November 11, 2012

Design Festa 36 Part 1: Indie Toys

Design Festa 36 featured a nice mix of new versions of old toys and debut versions of new toys. In fact, though the sheer number of different releases was maybe a bit lower than in recent DFs, pound for pound there were a large number of toys debuted from Marmit, Blobpus, Yamomark, and others.

The turnout was sizeable, but in terms of indie toys, the show was a bit more low key than others we've seen in recent months. I think that's in part because this is the last big show of the year. Still some makers proved that DF is an important show. For instance, Max Toy fans arrived at the Big Sight as early as 6:00 AM to line up to receive numbered tickets allowing them to buy coveted Negoras in every size and shape.

This is part 1 of Kaiju Korner's DF36 coverage. Per tradition, instead of spreading coverage over 10 or 20 posts, we're bringing you complete indie toy coverage in one mega post. This time, we've got 150 pics per you, organized alphabetically by maker. In addition to the standard indie makers, we've got coverage of some makers - across different mediums - that are new on the scene or haven't been showcased before.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the toyage...

A.K. Production
First time coverage for this maker of uber creepy dolls. Japan has its share of gory doll makers, but these guys are a cut - and a slice...and maybe a gash - above the rest.

More after the jump:

Check out this hardcore URL - eight x's!!


New mini Vatundos which debuted a couple of weeks ago at a small gallery show

First figure in new Alice in Wonderland line

Gachapon featuring a slew of mini micros by Blobpus, Pico Pico, Kikkake, and others

 Chima Group

Lots of Chima x Paul Kaiju figures

Chima x Rampage

Dream Rockets

Debut painted release of Begimon


More Alice figures!


New Kikkake minis

Todd Roberston mecha viruses Kikkake!


Debut released. Only FOUR sold at the show, but people could do a special pre order at the show if they wanted one.

Max Toy

A few flocked Negoras were released. Very cool.

 Monster Factory


Pico Pico

New figure. Fando sculpt. No release date yet.

Pico pico micros. Micros are a red hot trend right now.

Pico Pico always finds a way to have fun. This time he brought along a jacked out remote control car.


Another first time KK appearance. The dude has a real thing for frogs and sea creatures..

Jointed resin figure. We've seen a few makers doing this over the last year.

Painter-Net's website is:
 Rampage Toys + Fig-Lab

One-off GID Finger Five set by Rampage

Fig Lab colors Finger Five figures

Todd Robertson represents again!

Splurrt x Rampage

 Refreshment Toys

The clear blue Chaos sold out in a flash!

Frenzy figures painted by Hossy-san of Popsoda


Class is in session!


Uky Daydreamer

Upcoming figure.

Display minis. Some were sold in sets. Some were available in the gacha machine.
Yamomark's sushi box sets were a huge hit. This one had both versions of the eggplant figure + another monster.

Gorgeous painted GID mini set.

For the aftershow party, we headed to Decks (a mall near Tokyo Teleport station - check out my full write up here) and, after some Baskin Robbins, went to the super cool retro floor, where I rocked the Harley table with its insane 5 ball multiball!
We were the last ones out. They cut the power as we were walking out. :p

Nice table!
That's a wrap for our indie toy coverage. Next up - Part 2 - a taste of the other sights and sounds of Design Festa 60.


Mattyboombatty said...

Wow, once again a fantastic insight. The retro arcade was interesting as well. I'm coming to Japan next year, I'll have to check that out.

CMR said...

This looks like a toy convention I'd consider visiting, the large crowds of other conventions always deter me from attending. Thanks for the coverage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the great coverage!!!

krakit said...

Thank you, Andy, for taking close up photos of the One-off GID Finger Five set by Rampage and the other Finger Five figures.

Other highlights from your blog post for me are the mini micros from the gumball machine, the Dream Rockets Cobra dude, the new Max Toy toys under the Monster Boogie label, and the silver Elburn Nakayoshi toy.

As always I love your event coverage.
Kaiju Korner ROCKS!!!

andy b said...

DF is always a trip. There's so much going on you really have to go out of your way (or be a very cantankerous person) to not find something you like. I wish I had more time to hang out listening to that band...but I did buy the Rampage Toys set. ;-)

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