Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gargamel Thrashout Show (August, 2012)

Today, at a rental space in Tokyo, Gargamel unleashed an epic custom show, blowing minds and letting the sofubi world know that Thrashout may not exist as a shop anymore, but in style and quality, the Thrashout spirit is alive and well.

The crew brought a grip of large and small customs, one show release (a mini Miborah), new gachapon figures, and a bunch of stuff to display. Let's start with the customs:

 75 pics after the jump:

Show release

New gachas

 Everything below here is display only
Awesome guts display!

More guts. Super cool to see these on their own.

Display only
This was produced for Nike and will, as I understand it, be customized by different artists. Something related to their new snowboard boots.

Big crowd. One thing I REALLY liked about this show is we got a TON of time to look at the figures before choosing. (Before that, the buying order was determined lottery style.) They even turned the lights off a couple of times so we could see the figs in GID mode. AWESOME!!!!

Hi Kiyoka!

Hi Naoya!

All in all, I think the show was a huge success. Looking forward to more like it.

By the way, the crew says Gargamel might have a booth at the next Wonder Festival.


snakepunchesfox said...

Great pieces!
Do you have any pics or posts about guts in the clear figures? Would love to see what they look like outside of the bodies.

Excellent Post!

andy b said...

Scroll down J. The pics are there. ;-)

snakepunchesfox said...

Ooops! Missed'em the first time. Very cool.
Are they also made of vinyl?

andy b said...

Hmm, I can't say with 100% certainty, but I think so.

Tim said...

Incredible!! They were so many great figures there. I think I saw more here I liked than at SDCC...based on pics only. :(
The show release Mib was great too. Thanks for the pics.

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