Friday, March 2, 2012

New RESTORE sofubi figure: Kingdom Mind

RESTORE is back with their second sofubi figure: Kingdom Mind. Like Debris Japan, the figure has its roots in an earlier resin figure by RESTORE;
For Kingdom Mind, the figure itself will be sofubi, and it will have several points of articulation. It will come with many extras made of resin, including a crown, key scepter, cross, and eyeballs. The 24 cm tall figure is slated to be released sometime this spring, with no price set yet.

Going by what RESTORE has done with Debris Japan, it's safe to say we can expect incredibly detailed, unique designs with Kingdom Mind.

1 comment:

Onion said...

I wonder what this one's hiding under the robe XD

Juvenile comments aside, this figure is looking pretty amazing. I wasn't really feeling the last figure but I like this. A LOT. The detail work on the accessories just blows my mind. Can't wait!!!!

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