Thursday, March 1, 2012

More about Mirock's Dragon Bodhisattva

At the recent Wonder Festival, I had a chance to talk to Mirock about his new sofubi figure: Dragon Bodhisattva. The figure features a Mirock sculpted head and left arm on an adult Real Head body.

One of the things we talked about was sculpting. Mirock's earlier RxH collab sculpts, including his take on Mutant Head, Mutant Evil, etc, had a rather angular look:
Not surprising, I always thought, as he sculpted from a material called "chemical wood." This is a kind of synthetic wood designed for carving and sculpting.

Later Mirock head sculpts had a rounder, smoother look:

Dragon Bodhisattva is also sculpted from chemical wood, yet there's more of a balance between the curved, flat, and angular elements, not to mention a high degree of detail.
The figure's head is a combination of three elements: Mutant Chaos, 菩薩 (Bosatsu: Bodhisattva), and a dragon (the horns). The fusion of the three makes for a striking sculpt.

The left arm is part dragon and part weapon. Looked at from the top down, the dragon sculpt is more apparent:

If past is prologue, I expect we'll see more Mirock releases, including new Dragon Bodhisattvas, at future toy shows. Looking forward to it!

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