Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Assemble Borg exhibition at Akiba Zone

On the B2 level of the new Akiba Zone complex, Kaiyodo maintains a group of display cabinets that it uses to show its different figure lines. It's a great chance to check out new and upcoming figures out of the box. Also, Kaiyodo sometimes puts loose figures out on the tables of the surrounding food court. Pretty cool.

Today I spotted a new Assemble Borg display there. Like Revoltech, Assemble Borg is a super poseable line but with a kind of cyber punk sci fi bent. Here are pics of the display:

 More after the jump:

Akiba Sanders in the traditional "I approve of this blog post" pose.


krakit said...

Those Assemble Borg figures
are so cool! I wish they
were in stores over here.

Tim said...

Nothing new, but the latest villains were just released in December. I actually got that orange guy a while ago off ebay. Expensive, but awesome!!!

andy b said...

Yeah I've heard it's tough to get those guys outside of Japan. Hopefully Kaiyodo will recognize the demand and up overseas distribution.

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