Saturday, August 11, 2007

Road Blog!! Checkin' in from Osaka

Just arrived a couple of hours ago and went straight to Umeda to meet my buddy John, Got here a bit early, so I had my favorite Osaka meal: tamago don and Suntory beer at a shop next to Charactics (not open today, unfortunately). Best tamago-don I've had, and always nice with Suntory in a chilled glass. One of those coin restaurants, where you buy tickets from a machine and hand them to someone, who then gets yer grub. Nice working class feeling and very good (and super reasonably priced) food!

Myth #1 about Japan: It's expensive. My meal cost less than 500 yen. :)

Tonight I head to Tokyo on the overnight bus. Less than 5,000 yen for a pretty long haul!

Right after I arrive at Shinjuku station, I'll be hot footing it to the Big Site for Wonderfestival!!

For now, Shinsaibashi and Namba await!

Road Blog = FUN!

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