Friday, August 24, 2007

Cronic Spotlight #8: Cronic X Nerd One Trifecta

One of the most exciting things from Cronic toys this year has been the Cronic X Nerd One collaborations.

Super customizer Nerd One has worked with Cronic toys for a long time. Last year, Nerd One made a cool resin head to go along with the Cronic 1st Anniversary set (which came with an unpainted yellow Zyurai Asu).

This year, the two friends have teamed up to create three spectacular sets. Each boxed set comes with a Nougaki figure (painted by Cronic) and a resin skullhead (handmade by Nerd One). The skullhead actually fits onto the Nougaki body!

This set "Grow in the Darkness" was released at at Feb 2007 Winter Wonderfestival, to mark Cronic's 2nd anniversary. The Nougaki is GID.

This set was released at SuperFestival 43 in July, 2007.

This is the most recent set, released at the August 2007 Summer Wonderfestival.

A shot of the Nougaki's.

The Skullheads

Each set came in specially made boxes and included a laminated card.

The back of the cards were numbered.

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