Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cronic Spotlight #9: 2007 Summer Wonder Festival Nougaki

I just can't stop photographing Nougaki!! This spectacular version was released exactly 2 weeks ago at the 2007 Summer Wonder Festival at the Tokyo Big Site. The figure has an iradescent, velvety feeling.

It looks like special metalic paints were used, as the figure gives off different shades of burgundy, purple, and silver, depending on the viewing angle. I've tried to shoot the figure from many angles to show what I mean.

(Remember to click on each photo for larger pics.)

Where's Nougaki?

Multiple angles:

Close ups:

Nougaki knows good food!

Nougaki knows good reading!

Nougaki knows lions!

1 comment:

a n t s said...

This is number one on my WANT list. Missed him on Kt. Anyone?

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