Saturday, July 22, 2017

Blade Runner 2049 Experience @ SDCC 2017

San Diego Comic Con always has a lot to see inside the convention center. But there's also plenty going on downtown, especially in the Gaslamp District. This year, one of the most amazing set ups was put together to promote the upcoming Blade Runner sequel.

The "Blade Runner 2049 Experience" started you out with a cool virtual reality experience that was something of a stationery amusement park ride with a VR twist. There was also a motion component, including a chair that moved and vibrated as you chased down a replicant across the unmistakable Blade Runner skyline.
Once that ended, you took off the VR goggles to find yourself in a movie scene full of vehicles, props, and actors. You could take as much time as you wanted to look around and explore the environment. Clearly a huge amount of work, care, and money went into creating the scene.
The actors, including cops, pedestrians, shady characters, noodle shop owners, and even hookers, would talk with you to help create the illusion that you were there with Deckard looking for the replicant on the run.

Here are pics of the environment, props, and actors, followed by a video I shot.
I was told this noodle bar was a set piece used in the original movie.
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When you start your experience, you're given a wristband with a chip in it. You scan it at various points, including this panel, which distributes a T-shirt.

This experience-goer is being frisked by a cop who suspects he might be a replicant. There are no Voight-Kampff tests, but there are various machines that scan your wristband and confirm whether you are human.

Here you're given three types of Johnnie Walker to try. A blatant movie tie in, but eh, free whiskey. You also got a small bowl of noodles at the adjacent stall.
 Movie Costumes and Props
The Experience included a mix of props from the original Blade Runner and the sequel.

Deckard's blaster! Come on, how cool is that??!!

Here's a video I shot of the experience:
After 30 years since the original film, BL'49 is just around the corner!

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