Thursday, July 27, 2017

Super7 at SDCC 2017

At this year's SDCC, most of Super7's toy offerings were based on lots of different licensed properties. They included MOTU, Planet of the Apes, Aliens, and even some cool way out there lines like Heavy Metal and Iron Maiden. Here's a look:
The He Man figures were a mix of classic style figures, ReAction, and MUSCLE style toys.

 More after the jump:

Fantastic keshi figures with vehicles.

Really nice Fourth World style packaging right there.

This is the only original Super7 sofubi I spotted.

Some of the best ReAction line head sculpting I've seen with this POTA line.

Robotech MUSCLE coming soon - righteous!

Even Iron Maiden MUSCLE!

This WWE MUSCLE line captures a sort of SD (super deformed) goofy quality that's been popular in Japan for a long time.

Oooooooh yeeeeeah!!!!!

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