Monday, January 9, 2017

Super Festival 73 / スーパーフェスティバル 73

Happy 2017! Here's a look at the toys of Super Festival 73, with the booths in alphabetical order.


Alien's Park

190+ pics after the jump:

Art Junkie
Art Toys Thailand
Nice to see some sofubi and resin figures from Thai toy makers!

Baby Tector

Big One Craft


Black Seed


The dual head Mockbats were sold lottery style. Each was a one-off by Kaji-san.




Chanoma Gangu

Chima Group

Comet Debris

Creative Design



Fewture Models

Fig Lab

Five Star

Flat Base Studio



Grody Shogun
Based on a creature from a Famous Monsters cover, which I believe was based on a monster from a film.
Happy Toy
Hell Painter

Hikari Banbi

Ilu Ilu

The chest piece retracts, and the mini figure sits inside. Super cool Diaclone nod!

The moon base dome transforms into a nine-part creature. All hand-made sofubi - amazing!

This poster was also released today.
Jetture and Handsome Tarom

K's Works
keshi gomu figures

M1 Go

Cool new book + print release

Marmit x Rampage

This toy by Karz Works is based on a two hundred-year-old drawing by the famous Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.
Shooting game prizes

Max Toy

Pico Pico x Sunguts


PP Pudding

PPP Toys
I believe these are resin.

Science Patrol


New paint jobs for Henry Anderson III figures. The above figure is Gotanda.

This is Meguro.

Spice Seed

Unplugged Works

US Toys

X Plus




Hadji Ara said...

Thanks again for your great job man !

andy b said...

Glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting! :O)

Mr. Chicken said...

Excellent coverage as always! This year's SuFes seems to be better than the last few years, people are really showing some amazing pieces. What I thought was interesting is the increase in American toy producers / companies. Seems to be increasing with each festival.

Ralph Cosentino said...

Great coverage as always Andy!

andy b said...

Thanks guys! The show certainly feels more international. To me, the biggest shift over the last year has been the number of sellers and toy makers from Hong Kong.

Doug Hardy said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of these great photos. Last SuFes I was at was in 2001. These pictures have made me determined to get back to Japan for another one. Have the dates for the other shows this year been posted yet?

andy b said...

It's a fun show for sure! The SF website says the next show is April 23.

Dr. Mindbender said...

Any idea how to get the following or can you share any contact info:


andy b said...

Thanks! I believe Super Festival 72 was their debut show. (They just released the red version at that show.) No website or other info I'm afraid.

Dr. Mindbender said...

Thanks for the reply Andy (and sorry for the multiple posts, I thought I was getting an error). Do you have a good proxy/hunter you would recommend?

andy b said...

I think on Kidrobot a while ago I read a post by a guy who was willing to shop for people in Japan. Might be worth doing a search there. Besides that, you might run a Google search for Japan buyer or shopper or something like that. I think there are quite a few out there, especially for online items.

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