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SDCC 2016: Indie Toys

Welcome to Kaiju Korner's indie toy report for SDCC 2016!

At the show, there were dozens of indie toy vendors. In addition to larger booths like Tokidoki, Bait, Super7, and Funko, a number of perennials returned, including DKE, Kidrobot, October Toys, Rotofugi, and others. Plus there were a number of relatively new companies on the scene, like Dweores and Hyperactive Monkey.

Here's a look at their booths and toy releases, alphabetically as always:

Bait, with a consistently well stocked booth with lots of exclusives from different toy makers, seems to have a loyal fan base.

 170 pics after the jump:

Beffy & Co.
Lots of plush and apparel from this outfit.

Cardboard Spaceship
Cardboard Spaceship retains an old school indie toy mantel, putting out waves of boxed minis.

A legend in the indie toy world, DKE is still involved with creating and selling new figures, especially classic style 4" carded actions figures - with a twist.

Dewores puts ut super-detailed resin figures and illustrated publications. Coming soon - my interview with the company's founder.

Funko continues to dominate indie toy sales at SDCC. They've made moves to get a handle on their lines, so that really cut down on hall congestion this year. Besides the main booth, vendors all over the hall had Funko figures and exclusives for sale.

Giant Robot
The venerable Giant Robot may no longer have as many retail outlets as in their heyday, but they're still carrying on and working with leading indie toy artists like David Horvath of Ugly Dolls.

Hyperactive Monkey
Interestingly, these sofubi toys are made in the USA. I believe some of them are GID.

Scott Wilkowski (who is featured in the new issue of Clutter Magazine) creations.
The ever friendly J*Ryu signing for fans.

Really nice Dunny design!

Kuso Vinyl
Variety of figures in different sizes available at the Kuso Vinyl booth.

Linda Panda
Super stocked booth with plush, vinyl, apparel, pins, and even playing cards!

Munky King
Nice to see classic indie toy designers like Joe Ledbetter still populating shelves.

October Toys
George manly manning the booth!

Ah these sofubi fellows look familiar.

Gacha gacha!

Another classic - Gary Baseman,

Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi
The good folks at Rotofugi always bring a nice assortment of figures, including custom sofubi toys.

Speaking of classics, Rumble Monsters was a pioneer of indie Japanese sofubi in the mid-2000s.

Mr. Nagata in the house.

Scott Tolleson and F Kozik
Scott was manning the booth to greet collectors and introduce his toys.

Nice design!

Super7 once again brought an impressive combination of licensed and original toys. Stay tuned for my interview with Super7 owner Brian Flynn.

Super7's HeMan line continues to grow after last year's successful launch.

I love the packaging.

Licensed from Bandai

Awesome 80's style carrying case.

For folks not deep into Star Wars lore, this Alien's set is modeled after vintage Star Wars 3 packs, which are very rare.

A new original S7 line

Plus of course sofubi toys

Symbiote Studios
The hard-working mascot played paper, scissors, rock with everyone and handed out pins. Fun times!

Teddy Scare
This outfit sells plush toys as well as licensed dolls and decorative wall masks.

One thing you can count on is the Tokidoki booth will be popular. But they seem to have plenty of stock on hand, and fans love checking out the toys and apparel.. Of all the designer toy makers, Tokidoki attracts the youngest crowd. There were plenty of kids lining up for a chance to get some new toys.

Underground Toys
I like mixing up the coverage by including new or less frequently covered makers. Underground Toys is an interesting creator of cool licensed products, like BB-8 tea kettles, R2-D2 mugs,and Captain America oven mitts!

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