Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Godzilla vs. Evangelion Dried Ramen Snacks

As a tie-in promotion with the Shin Godzilla movie, the makers of "Baby Star" dried ramen have released a really cool two pack featuring Japan's most famous kaiju vs. one of its most famous anime mecha characters.
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I'm not a big dried ramen fan, but the packaging was so cool I picked one up.
On the back is a little sumo ring with SD style characters from each property.

The side of the box shows you how to set up the ring and hold sumo matches.

 Inside are two packs of dried ramen. Even these are well done.

As for the snacks themselves, one is garlic flavored, and the other is really spicy. They kind of taste like potato chips. Pretty salty, too. But anyway, kudos to whoever did the artwork and put the project together. Fun stuff!

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