Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Super Festival 71 / スーパーフェスティバル 71

At the latest installment of Super Festival, a huge number of toy makers sold figures made from sofubi, resin, and other materials. Many shared booths, maximizing the number of makers who could attend. In addition to new and familiar faces, we saw others who haven't attended the show in a while, as well as some exhibitors from overseas. It was quite a gathering of toy makers!

By and large, most exhibitors had a limited number of things on hand or on display, with exceptions like CCP and Fewture Models. But there was such a variety and so many booths that the total number of releases was substantial.

It was a balmy, drizzly spring morning, and the event's location in central Tokyo was almost pastoral (a word rarely used to describe the city).
To get to the event site, you go up a little hill and through this massive gate, which was once an entrance to an Edo period castle.

Despite the light rain, many of the toy faithful were in line before 7:00 AM.

Here are the toy makers in attendance, arranged in alphabetical order.


 240 photos after the jump:

Al Gangu, AK Art, Uncut

The display card on the right is a nice homage to Bandai's Horror World keshi gomu gacahapon line from the 1980s.

It's been quite a while since we've seen Amapro. I told him the fans wanted to see a return of Pachi Summit!

 Angel Abby
This was a popular booth.

Astro Zombies

Big One Craft
New outfit with a seasoned toy maker. If I'm not mistaken, it is replacing Kaiju Ken.



Awesome Blobpus x Jetture collab. No release details yet.


Bwana Spoons
Bwana was one of many overseas artists who flew over for the event. Pushead and Namaniku were among the others who made the trip.




Dream Rockets

Gorgeous custom figures and handmade jackets.

Cause for major drooling...



Fewture Models

Fig Lab

Galaxy People

Foundation X
These are made from resin kits.

Unpainted kits

Gargamel, Mitari, and Namaniku



Hell Painter

Hello Mad
The figure is called Douroder. I like the funky appendages. They remind me of 1970s bootleg plastic models.

Jetture and Handsome Tarom

Kaizer Pro




Mai Nagamoto


Dart game prizes
 Max Toy

Mimizu Garage

Mount Ebo and Gumtaro

Nira's Shinobukai
Display only

 Pico Pico and Sunguts

PP Pudding
Another toy maker we haven't seen at this event for a while.

Rampage Toys

Samurai Doll and Chima Group

Science Patrol



Spice Seed


Undead Toys and Geek Market

US Toys


 Yamakichi and Black Book Toy




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